The Dr. Arch. Domenico Mauro built with the Dr. Arch. Mario Marenco and the Dr. Eng. Giorgio Ferrero the office of ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI ITALIA, in Via Del Corso 530 Roma.

The ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI ITALIA is an association established in 1979 with the purpose of operating in the field of home, industrial design and interior decoration.

Its organizational and productive structure has been realized thorough the selection of qualified technicians, and the acquisition of well-known industrial firms within the field of activity is largely directed abroad.

ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI ITALIA is specialized in the following activities:

  • Study and analysis of foreign market
  • Design of components for home and civil furnishings
  • Design of complete interior furnishings
  • Distribution of furnishing products both directly and with exclusive concessions
  • Supply and installation of complete furnishing on a turn-key basis
  • Industrial design
  • Integrated furnishings for civil constructions
  • Designing of feasibility and profitability study for industrial plants within the field
  • Civil work

For all technical problems, ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI ITALIA offers not only a wide spectrum of specialized services, but also the contribution of sound professional experience.

ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI ITALIA is a large but flexible organization, deriving from ancient Italian decoration traditions and witnessed by Italy’s invaluable artistic heritage.

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