Curriculum Vitae Of the Dr. Arch. Domenico Mauro

1949 - Born, Rome 13th of May.
1967 - Diploma of quantity surveyor (Rome-Italy).
1968 - Designer at the society "CEMETAL" of Roma, until November 1969 (Designing of schools, office buildings, hospitals etc. with the engineer, Giuseppe Bagnera.
1969 - registered at the faculty of " Architecture of Rome"

Professional collaboration (designer & designer's assistant) at the office of Eng. Erno Bellante till April 1974, for labor of designing of galleries, roads, highways and direction of labors and precisely for the following works:
b) TRAFORO DEL GRAN SASSO GALLERY (preliminary drawing)
c) SORA-CASSINO HIGHWAY (preliminary drawing, executive drawings.

1976 - Achievement of the Architecture Degree , at the Università degli Studi di Roma
1979 - Registration at the bulletin board of the Association of the Architectures of Rome , n. 4960, 11/4/1979.

- Beginning of activity as free professional:

- Starting with the office ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI, via del corso, 530 Roma with activities of various designs, between them in particularly the following performed Designings:

1979- SANAD Hotel (***) 60 rooms , (Client SANDCO) Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) , 10560 m3 (preliminary drawing)
1980 - J Hotel (***) 60 rooms, (Client SANDCO) (Saudi Arabia) 9300 m3 preliminary drawing.
-Building for offices and stores (Client SANDCO in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 31500 m3 (preliminary drawing)
1981 - Building for offices and stores (offices and residential) Client SANDCO,
Taif - Saudi Arabia, 23000 m3 (preliminary drawing) -Building for offices and stores , Client Dr. Ibrahim Al Angary (Saudi Minister of Labor) Riyadh , Saudi Arabia 34200 m3 (preliminary drawing).
1982 - Residential Complex, (4 villas) Client Sheikh Abdul Kader Al Bakry in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) cm 12000 (preliminary drawing & executive drawing)
-Proposal of interior decoration of Hotel Hilton in Acicastello (Catania - Italia) Client La Neri construction company.
-Residential Complex (2 Villas) Client Sheikh Mohammed Zaza in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 2300 m3 (preliminary & executive drawing)
1983 - Office's Building (6 Floors) Client Sheikh Abdul Kader Al Bakry in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) 28000 m3 (preliminary & executive drawing).
-Police Club in Mosul (Iraq), Client Arch. Moyassar Hadi Taha.
-Executive drawing of furnishing of a Hotel (***) in Mosul (Iraq), 120 rooms, Client Arch. Moyassar Hadi Taha. 1984 - Executive drawing of furnishing for 4 Villas, Client Sheikh Abdul Kader Al Bakry (amount of $ 2.500.000). - Designing of interior decoration for a Villa near Baghdad (Iraq) Client Arch. Baker Madfaj, (Owner Saddam Hussein) Furnishing realized in Joint-Venture with the ARREDITALIA Company (amount of $ 1.200.000)
- Designing of interior decoration of Sahari Shop Center in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Client Sheikh Ibrahim Barakat (furnishing realized in Joint-Venture with ARREDITALIA Company (amount $ 4.350.000)
- Designing of interior decoration of a Villa in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Client Rahbani Establishment, Owner the minister of foreign affairs Prince Faisal, Furnishing realized in Joint-Venture with ARREDITALIA Company (amount $ 1.700.000)
- Designing of a building for offices in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Client ARREDITALIA, owner Skeikh Tarek Bin Laden.
1985 - Designing a scholastic complex for the manufacturing and transformation of wood in Zaire, Client COSMIA Company, executed through the financing of FAO.
-Executive designing of interior decoration of a group of Villas (4 Villas plus 73 mini apartment of the housemaid) Client Engineer Nouman Tarabichi, Owner His Excellency Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saoud (the actual King) in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
- Designing of furnishing of Al Ajour Shop in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) (amount $ 650.000)
1986 - Designing of interior decoration for the Villa of Mr. Suger Morges in Geneva (Switzerland) (amount $ 250.000)
-Reconstruction and furnishing of a Villa (12 hect. of terrain with 2 natural lakes, in Warfield Hall near Ascott (London - England) Owner Sheikh Ibrahim Al Jaffali
-Designing and furnishing of a villa in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), client Mr. Mahammed Ali Al Jabren. (amount $ 183.000)
-Designing of interior decoration of the Hotel Tapiola Garden (****) in Helsinki (Finland), client HOK Company of Helsinki.
-Designing of interior decoration of Night Club Hotel Hesperia (*****) in Helsinki (Finland) Client HOK Company in Helsinki.
1987 - Designing of interior decoration of the "Helsinki Club" in Helsinki (Finland) Client HOK Company of Helsinki.
1988 - Designing of various Villas in Formello (Roma) (preliminary drawing)
-Designing of interior decoration (furniture and operating) of the GAZAZ Shop Centre (Defined as one of the biggest shop centers in the Middle East, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) furnishing realized in Joint-Venture with ARREDITALIA
1989 - Designing of a Recreative Sport Centre, with a covered plot for horse show, and national and international occasions in Viagrande (Italy) 13500 m3 (preliminary drawing).
1990 - Designing of "Ville unifamiliari a schiera" client Andrea Occhipinti in Formello (Roma) 11000 m3 (preliminary drawing)
-Begining of designing of the national library of Baghdad (Iraq) client Arch. Moyassar Hadi Taha, Mosul (Iraq) (stopped with the start of the Gulf war)
1991 - Designing of 6 Villas in Formello (Roma) (preliminary designing).
- Projects of reconstruction for a small building in Beirut (Lebanon) Client Mr. Khaled Kabbara (executive drawing and for furnishing)
1992 - For the Tribunal of Rome "Bankruptcy Section" Bankrupcty CE.D.A.C number 51445 (for estimating the value of 81 appartments in Lamezia Terme (Italy)
- Proposal of furnishing of restaurant "La Vecchia Pineta" Ostia (Roma)
1993 - Assigned for designing of the "Academic centre of music and Art" with Opera House included, in Tripoli - Lebanon. Client "L'association pour la promotion de la musique, with the consensus of the minister of culture Dr. Michel Edde"
1994 - Various projects in Lebanon.
1995 - Proposal of a bioclimatic village in the sud of Lebanon with the Dr. Eng. Rached Hemadeh
1996 to 2000 - Following the proceeding of the financial of the "Academic centre of Music and Arts) Opera House included.
- Being Part of the European Organization of the Fireman (civil protection) as the National director of the scientific committee.
2001 to 2003 - Project of interior decoration of severals restaurant in Beijing
2004 - Opera House in Canton (China) tecnical consulting
2005 - Interior decoration apartments building in Riga (Latvia)
2006 - Residential building under bioclimatic project regulation in Tian Jin
2007 - Tongzhou Residential building under bioclimatic project regulation in Beijing

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