Our Team Welcome Message
  • Dr. Arch. Domenico Mauro

  • Dr. Arch. Mario Marenco

  • Dr. Arch. Roberto Cattalani

  • Dr. Arch. Luciano Servilio

  • Dr. Eng. Vincenzo Viggiani

  • Dr. Arch. Carlo Urbinati

  • Dr. Arch. Marco Dimiziani

  • Dr. Arch. Daniele Spaziani

  • Dr. Arch. Marco Dondolini

  • Dr. Eng. Giorgio Ferrero


Architetti Associati Italia, constitute a Group spontaneously formed since 1979 as a direct consequence of the current demand in the construction industry to create a harmonious and rational environment for man, as complete as possible, thereby avoiding successive, provisional and costly operations.

The companies of the Group take part in this, devoting their experience and capabilities to the creation of a single unit of development and collaboration between building contractors, industrial production and environment.

This enabled the group to rapidly become one of the most important Italian organizations for the construction industries.

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